Street Beat | Video
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unnamedMy name is Dr. Micah Allen and I am a member of the distinguished group of Street Beat Alumni Group of 2000.
As a youngster growing up in South Bay, Fl and being the niece of the visionaries and founders of this great organization, I had a front row seat to the groundwork that went into creating Street Beat. In addition, I have had the awesome opportunity to watch it flourish into what it has become today.
Street Beat was integral in creating a robust image of why community involvement and self-determination were so important. As a teen, I would look forward to fellowshipping and serving others through Street Beat with my peers, be it locally or internationally. Therefore, it is imperative that Street Beat continues to be available to the children and ultimately the communities of the Glades area.
This organization has touched the lives of many who continue to impact the world positively on a daily basis. I encourage you to stand with and for Street Beat. By doing so, you will honor the greatness that is yet to come from this organization.

Dr. Micah Allen, ND L.Ac.