Street Beat | Nerissa Jackson
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Nerissa Jackson

The Late, Nerissa Jackson

Nerissa Jackson is also Founder along with her husband Kenneth of Street Beat, Incorporated. She was a graduate of Excelsior School of Education, Kingston, Jamaica where she majored in English and Religious Education. Nerissa taught at Glades Day School as a Middle School English Teacher and also Founding, Senior Pastor, along with her husband at Glades Covenant Community Church. A strong visionary leader committed to the mission of community transformation through changed lives. Here are her thoughts regarding Street Beat: “I believe the programs and vision of Street Beat should go international. Having traveled extensively, I have observed that youth all over the world face many of the same challenges and are in need of the same positive life changing experiences that have made a difference in the lives of our participants.

What’s Next? I am excited about the prospects of seeing Street Beat go international. I believe we can make a world of difference.